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Quote of the Week

Tweet of the Week

Jared O’Mara MP

“I want to educate people and help people going through those prejudices grow out of them. I’ve gone on that journey and feel I can help”

After revelations of previous homophobic and misogynist comments.

New Website of the Week 

EP are delighted to launch a new website promoting industry entrepreneurs and innovation this week.

It can be hard to truly innovate. Inventing the future is never easy. The future often comes from unexpected sources. Innovation may come from within a business but for many they do need support. Innovation can simply mean thinking differently in the way an organisation approaches problems. Today, new ideas must be designed to combat issues and also create solutions to problems that may be faced in the future.

Brexit Comments of the Week

“It’s taken for granted that the EU wants to punish the U.K. for deciding to quit, partly to teach other restless members to behave, and partly because Britain just has it coming. I see the reason in such thinking — but it doesn’t advance the EU’s larger purpose of a closer union based on popular consent. You can strengthen obedience by making examples and threatening reprisals, but you don’t build loyalty that way, and loyalty is what the EU most sorely lacks.

Britain’s tactical choices have been terrible and it faces severe consequences. But, judging by this process so far, the EU isn’t much better at seeing where its interests really lie.”

Penalty of The Week

Is this the most ridiculous penalty you’ve ever seen?

Bangkok Sports Club beat Satri Angthong 20-19 in a dramatic penalty shootout that culminated in one of the most astonishingly lucky penalties ever scored.

Event of the week

Reinvention- Bringing Sports & Hospitality together

On Thursday evening EP is delighted to host an event at New Zealand House that brings together both leading international former professional sport players together with industry leaders to discuss how many of these great talents can be used effectively in new roles after their careers have come to an end.

In a time where there is widespread concern over the development of emerging talent, we ask whether there is a role for former great sporting figures to be used to help coach, mentor and influence new leaders, teams and cultures?

The world is becoming increasing complex and our objective is to bring together talents from all worlds to find new solutions and make sure that we maximising all talent.

Talent is talent, regardless of background but we need to find new ways to nurture it to fulfillment.

EP is delighted to announce two new speakers from Food Service Sector;

  • James Greetham Director Restaurant Associates & Levy Restaurants (Compass Group)
  • Stephanie Hamilton ISS

James will be talking on key future trends of industry and Stephanie will be joining the panel talking about Emerging Talent.  It should prove to be a fascinating day. To learn more please click on the below.

Video of The Week

Winnow Solutions – Working for a global movement of chefs

Winnow was launched four years ago with a simple belief that food is too valuable to waste, and that in the hospitality sector food waste could be reduced by introducing digital tools to measure and manage waste. Four years on and with operations in nearly 30 countries, we are proud to introduce the new face of Winnow.

At the same time we are excited to launch our #ForTheLoveOfFood campaign which celebrates this most precious resource, and the incredible chefs we feel privileged to work with on a daily basis making a material impact on the problem of food waste.

eHotelier Hospitality News

Hong Kong’s Property Research Reports Q3 2017 show a strong quarter in Q3 and reveals a positive outlook for the property market.

The latest news to come from the airline sees progressive measurements in place as part of the overall improvements to environmental and sustainable practices.

The luxury accommodation located on Seven Mile Beach has been acquired by Dart Real Estate

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