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Quote of the Week

“Perhaps, the rudeness that you perceived in me was triggered by the disrespect that I perceived in you.”

Part of the response a manager gave on Trip Advisor following a review of their cafe. The reply goes into the economics of running a cafe and how the customer wasn’t “ripped off” as the review stated.

The customer was charged £2 for a hot water and lemon and whilst venting her fury she declared the cafe “absolutely awful” and a “dreadful place” and vowed never to return.

Read the full review and response here


Tweet of the Week











Ed Conway, Economics Editor of Sky News and columnist at The Times tweeted the above following the news the steel industry may not survive in the UK. Ed’s tweet said that in the past 2 years China has produced more steel than the UK’s entire cumulative steel output since 1870.

Click here to view the story or the image to view the tweet.


Video of the Week







Pepsi moves into the craft craze

Soft drink manufacturer Pepsi have launched a craft product to “honour its heritage” in a move similar to that of the alcohol industry. ‘1893’ – a craft version of its traditional cola product does not state if the sugar content has changed due to recent media attention. However, it does say the drink is blended by natural ingredients, so it may possibly be healthier.

We may see more companies use their heritage, especially for soft drinks going down the craft route.

To view the full video click the image or here.

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