Black History Month – BBI Podcast, A Very Special And Unique Insight Into Nelson Mandela by June Sarpong OBE – BBC’s Director of Creativity

For BBI’s inaugural podcast, they shared the extraordinary story of Christo Brand. Christo was the personal jailer of Nelson Mandela for twelve of his twenty seven imprisoned years and importantly, responsible for Madiba, at the time when he eventually made his long walk to freedom.

See smart link to the podcast also Instagram link here. Please have a listen and I welcome your feedback.

President Nelson Mandela and Christo Brand

Summarising, Nelson Mandela is widely acknowledged as one of the few 20th Century leading figures globally celebrated for his social justice stance, with his appeal able to transcend gender, race and age, bringing important values to all associated and wider communities.

In conclusion, this is ultimately an uplifting tale about a consequential and oppressive subject, where during Black History Month, there is often understandably lots of reflection about past injustices. By circulating this podcast, we are also sharing the best characteristics of humanity and hopefully inspiring a new generation.