Beyond the Model

Were the Victorians spot on? 

The Victorians it can be said were forward thinking about many things, one of these such things were their ideals and understanding around sports, especially the concept of team sports.

The ascendance of team sports as tools for “character building” in British Victorian public schools in the second half of the nineteenth century was essentially to teach the young men of the day about leadership. Victorian educators assumed that the lessons learned on the court or field would readily carry over to other areas of students’ lives and futures. A simple but very effective concept. As such, rugby, cricket and football spread all across the world.

On a lower scale but with the same thinking behind it, we are adopting this principle with the launch of EP’s Charitable walks to encourage people to have a physical challenge that is fun, outside of their comfort zones and day to day lives, which builds memories, lasting friendships and also is in support of important causes.

The charitable causes that are being supporting are:

  •  The Royal Academy of Arts Adopt a School program which takes chefs into schools to talk about the importance of great food and nutrition.
  • Crista Cullen (GB Gold Olympic medallist) Elephant Conservation in Kenya.

Both different; both important and as we develop this program we will grow both the walks and the charitable support.

This year the program starts with:

1. The Way of the Gods Walk – Arriving in Venice, walking from Bologna to Florence (7 nights – June 18)

2. The Grand Cru Walk – Walking from Dijon to Macon (7 nights – September 18)

3. The Salzburg Lakes and Mountains – Walking the landscapes of the Salzburg Salzkammergut Lake District (7 nights – October 18)

4. Kenya – TBC possibly at the end of the year.

We would love leaders and emerging leaders to join these walks and be immersed in different cultures, environments, conversations, experiences and learning, all to take back into their lives and businesses whilst doing more by supporting our two nominated charities.

More open and broad minds = better people = better leaders.

To register your or members of your teams interest please contact Lauran at


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