Best Foot Forward – Lifestyle Unplugged

Best Foot Forward – Lifestyle Unplugged

We were delighted to receive such a positive response from Industry to the request for your feedback on the idea of launching a new lifestyle magazine to represent the best of the industry. Feedback received included comments such as;

  • “Anything that tells the industry’s story better is to be welcomed. Good luck – a very good idea”
  • “This is the most the exciting industry and it would be good for all of us to see a positive message going out”
  • “We so often say that the perception of the industry is not competitive enough, so this is logical and one would hope that the whole industry would support the initiative”
  • “You are always pushing the boundaries and making us think about the bigger picture. This sounds like such an obvious thing to do for the industry as it presents a positive story”
  • “I like the idea of a strategic alliance between EP and Archant especially as you understand the industry and they clearly can turn your knowledge into something that will appeal to a wide audience”.

Thank you for your feedback. We have also been asked for more information on the actual details re circulation, frequency and size of the magazine. There is a working party concentrating upon this but in simple terms the aim is to produce a bi-monthly magazine, 160 pages in length. The target circulation will be 25,000.

  • Format: 297mm x 225mm
  • Cover 350gsm silk, matt laminate to outer cover
  • Text – 115gsm silk.

EP is actively involved in this project but it is also important to recognise the input and commitment of both Archant Dialogue who do possess the expertise to turn a good idea into reality as well as The Nth Degree Club. We all share a common vision and we all see such a great story that can be communicated to market that is about the best of the industry.

It is about placing our best foot forward.

If you would be interested in being actively involved, in actual costs for advertising or partnerships, or ideas and feedback – then we would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you. Please contact in the first instance Linn Vislie.

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