Best Afternoon Tea In Wonderland


Something truly British, themed timelessly and globally recognised



Nathan Rivers was on a holiday in Disneyland in 2016 when he first recognised the power of bringing Disney back with him to the UK. With a career spent working on acquisitions and retail brand development, Nathan’s experience formed the backbone of what he was about to create.Knowing he couldn’t infringe Disney copyright, Nathan instead founded Alice and the Hatter and Alice World (themed clothing and homeware). Inspired by the Alice books by Lewis Carroll he opened a themed tearoom in Herne Bay and quickly followed this up with the next site in Canterbury.

With the intention of giving something special to the community, Alice and the Hatter sites offer a family atmosphere and ambience. The overall style is ‘curious’ and spaces include themed wall art, chequered floors, throne chairs, tea cup stools, grassy nooks and love seats. Dishes included ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ (Avocado / Beef Tomatoes / Cheddar Cheese on Toasted Ciabatta) and ‘The Hatter’ (Salami / Chorizo / Pastrami / Mozzarella / Beef Tomato / Rocket on Focaccina).






Nathan Rivers background lies with several large hotel groups and leading their property departments. As well as brand and portfolio development through site acquisitions. Using his experience, his vision now is to introduce his Alice and the Hatter F&B concept into the hospitality industry for hotels, restaurants, foodservice and more. Future sites to open already include Oxford and Bristol.


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