B2B Facilitation

EP has long been described as progressive in the way that we think about the industry; mainly as we possess a strong focus on new ideas, new concepts and thinking for the sector. Over the years, EP has helped link over 250 entrepreneurs with larger companies to work together and build partnerships. It has also helped link together a further 150 more established companies together to work in partnership. We have also worked on a range of M&A introductions. It is one of our strengths; the ability to bring companies together for the advantage of both sides.

EP does fill a gap for many: one where many do traditionally struggle. We support and promote innovation and communication, both areas where operators struggle to excel. It is natural. An operational excellence mind-set is well suited for cost cutting and improving efficiencies, focusing on numbers and details, eliminating risk and ambiguity, as well as analysis and evidence. Innovators and communicators possess a mind-set where there is a preference for visual language and the big picture, being comfortable with risk and ambiguity, as well as trusting intuition and visions.

Both skillsets are necessary for an organisation’s long term survival, so somehow a solution needs to be found. EP brings a different perspective to boards as it possesses a different picture to others. It can offer new solutions and introductions to experts, companies and influencers who can add value.

If you would like to explore or learn more on how we can be of service, then please contact Lauran.bush@epmagazine.co.uk