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Reinvention…finding purpose…aspiring for better

It may all sound like an ideal but research tells us too many not only feel disengaged from their work and companies (a percentage that beyond what should be right), but over 50% desire to find greater purpose in their lives and over 40% desire a career change. 65% feel that their voice is never heard or has any value within their work...

There is a desire for a kinder, more value-led society and this is creating a new sense of empowerment for both emerging leaders and business.

In the early years of the decade, from 2010, it was David Cameron along with his advisor, Steve Hilton, who created the concept of “The Big Society” which aimed to empower people to do good work within communities and neighbourhoods. Today we are seeing this trend but on a larger stage with leading emerging professional talent give/volunteer their time to social initiatives and...

With so many wanting to find new purpose in work, the concept of reinvention has never been more important.

It is a genuine problem area; so many feeling disengaged in their work as they feel powerless, feel controlled and worse, feel under financial strain. One only has to look at the increased levels in anxiety, stress which is often caused by a struggle to find a balanced life between their struggles at work impacting on their lives at home. It is natural...

With Eyes Turning Towards 2020

We certainly wish you a very merry Christmas and happy new year. EP’s own plans for 2020 have already begun and we thought we would share some of this to see if there are pieces that you would like to learn more about and be involved in. Our aim is always to bring people together, to share ideas & knowledge.

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