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Many are saying that humility in leadership is important; mainly as many feel fed-up with leadership – but really the eyes are for something better

During the last decade, the leadership approach of Richie McCaw became almost legendary as he led the All Blacks to success after success. It was well known that he – the Captain – would sweep the dressing room floor to lay down a message; a message supported by an internal motto of “No D***heads”. These are nice storylines but are not the heart of...

EP…Championing the Best of Industry.

It is often said that EP is involved in so many initiatives that it can be hard to really understand the core focus, which is a fair comment. This is because we are so often approached to support or partner on key campaigns as it is well known that we will champion good campaigns, key debates and discussion that are focused on progressive...

The UKCC have a culinary team that wants to compete against the best in the World.

The UKCC have a culinary team that wants to compete against the best in the World.

Many readers will know that we have been supporting the cause of the UKCC team which wants to compete at the 2020 Culinary Olympics in late February – but it does need financial support from Industry. They ask – can we help?

People want personal representation when considering their careers……there is a move back towards great representation but with far more.

It is an old saying that most things in life are like a pendulum and things just swing from one side to another. Often things need to almost go to an extreme before there is a swing back.

Today so many are fed up and disillusioned with many recruitment companies and job boards and they possess a desire just...

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