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Is it back to local, not global?

One of the on-going discussions is just how countries will become stricter over their national boundaries and that countries will once again begin to rely on their local solutions rather than a global supply chain. This is following news reports today that both the French and the Germans are looking to repatriate the critical supply chain.

It is understandable and...

This is the greatest economic and mental challenge for a generation. It will see many new ideas and thinking. Are we ready?

There has been a subtle change this week from adapting to be in lockdown and the loss of daily business challenges to now many beginning to plan for the future. This is positive but still the greatest challenge that we all have to deal with will lie with the mental and financial effects of this crisis rather more than the physical.

Feeding communities and supporting partners – a City Pantry story

Care, compassion and inspirational deeds of service within communities have been the focus of many companies and individuals from the Hospitality industry during this most difficult of times.

City Pantry, a company which started in 2014 with the aim of connecting offices and corporate customers to restaurants and caterers across the UK. Until recently City Pantry feeds more than 120,000...

Fooditude re-opens kitchen to serve those most in need during COVID-19 outbreak

With the rapidly developing situation around CoVID-19, the beginning of March saw a considerable shift in lifestyles for all workers across London. The tech industry quickly adapted to a work from home routine that soon spread across to other sectors, even before it became a government directive.

As a caterer to tech-media firms, Fooditude had to quickly...

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