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What happens once a CEO – or a business owner – leaves their post?

Is life just about the money and position?
It is far tougher than many realise.

A few evenings ago, we hosted a thought-provoking, almost moving event when a senior CEO spoke of how his life had changed after leaving his post. He had resigned for all the right reasons but nothing had prepared the ground for the mental challenge that...

The EPCIS Education Excellence Awards 2020

Making a Difference in Scotland’s Schools

It has been announced today that a pioneering new awards programme will launch for the Scottish education sector in 2020.

An independent joint venture between London-based EP Business in Hospitality, and Catering Scotland (CIS), the EPCIS Education Excellence Awards aim to recognise and reward innovation in...

A film is impacting more on thinking about food than many realise – Game Changers is creating a new understanding

Chris Sheppardson

Just as the old saying notes “It started as a whisper and grew in volume till one could no longer ignore it” – so it has been with the Netflix film Game Changers: a thought provoking new film about meat, protein and strength involving James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Lewis Hamilton, Novak Djokovic and...

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