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Time to stand up for Entrepreneurs. David and Goliath need to become the best of friends

History will tell us that the economy traditionally thrives when entrepreneurs prosper too. Pretty logical as this group makes up a large slice of the market. However it is deeper than that. The Government will note that they wanted the UK - post Brexit – to be a home for new business ideas, entrepreneurialism, new AI technology that sets the UK as a...

7 trends to impact everything Food and Beverage in 2020

Do you want to stay ahead of the curve in 2020? Then keep reading. 

Using our business insights, daily industry examples and external resources, we searched high and low to find the seven trends that are impacting the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry in 2020.

The world as we know is constantly...

Reinvention: if you need advice on your career; if you feel lost – then do come and talk, change can happen

When we initially founded Reinvention it was really designed to help those in senior roles that were struggling having lost a leadership role or temporarily lost their purpose. It has been fascinating as the two groups that are really approaching under this campaign are either those that want to find a new purpose and frustrated with corporate politics/life and those that who are under 35 and wanting...

Can leadership also incorporate the modern desire for an open, inclusive and compassionate approach to business?

EP aim to host a “Leadership Festival” that is targeted at those in school and university as we strive to create a new understanding and engagement on leadership. It is a great role to be able to play but undoubtedly it has become seen in a negative light as the greater levels of transparency have shown all some poor behaviours and practices. It...

71% of companies feel their own thinking is too narrow

So why not recruit in fresh perspectives and talents to broaden that thinking?

It is, of course, understandable that a company will want to recruit an expert from their own sector and discipline. This has long been the case and argument. However, there is also a strong argument for bringing in fresh perspectives that can be married...

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