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Uncut and in Conversation with – Alice Woodwark, MD, Restaurant Associates

It is becoming increasingly apparent that it is going to be a slow process to get offices back up to speed. Feedback from all across Europe is suggesting that rural economies will recover faster than city centres and that many are reluctant to face the daily travel back into London. What does this mean for many of the major office in London? Also...

International Forum – We made it to the moon in 1969, how can we not have had a plan for a virus?

As we slowly emerge from lockdown and understand the changes in and challenges to our businesses and the world at large, we look to continue to provide platforms for knowledge share and discussion from different markets within the UK and across the world. .

We were therefore delighted to host a discussion forum this morning which included valuable international insights...

Returning to Work and The New Normal

By Liz Forte, Health and Wellness Director
at Compass Group UK & Ireland

At Compass, we provide workplace catering solutions that keep staff healthy, happy and productive, in order to drive productivity and business performance. We’re used to serving approximately 250,000 meals in 700 food sites every single day – however, like everyone else, we are now navigating our way towards...

Uncut and in Conversation with – Monika Holland, Founder Bold Business Decisions

One of our objectives during this period has been to give new voices the platform to be heard alongside those of established leaders.

Monika Holland is the founder of Bold Business Decisions, a relatively new consultancy, founded only in March with the objective to help companies engage and scale. Monika’s background has been with a range of senior sales roles...

Hospitality can rebuild by becoming the voice of their communities

It has been written many times that more and more people are seeking something which is genuine and authentic, so they are turning to their heritage and roots. Culture sits right at the centre of this search and is something that everyone does relate to in one form or another. In recent years, there are many communities who have been seeking to renew...

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