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Feedback does suggest that many do still believe that workplaces will return to normal in Q1 2022. Will they? Research suggests this is unlikely.

One of the most common private conversations which are taking place all across the industry is the perceived gap between how many boards see the landscape and those at the operational level. One can argue that this has always been the case – a gap in thinking between those on the front line and those in HQs. The difference this time is that...

Consumers are placing experiences before the acquisition of goods. How is the consumer changing?

It has become a major discussion piece in recent months; how has the consumer changed and what is different in their habits?

Based on a recent consumer survey, Guest Experience Management expert HGEM, found that 47% of consumers have reconsidered their perception of luxury because of climate awareness. Almost 4 in 5 respondents experience an element of guilt that comes...

Ritrovo – allowing all talent access to inspiration and insight, at any moment, from any background, from any community – there are finally no barriers to learning.

All across the industry, there are discussions about the need to find answers to the skills shortages. There are concerns over the image of the industry as an employer and for its ability to be able to access great talent. This has been a discussion for over thirty years.

The answer naturally lies in how the industry can do more...

Many ask “what has changed?”

But the question is how do we manage the changes taking place?

Everything needs rethinking.

Many ask what has changed over the last 18 months and the answer is probably more than many realise. Even the well documented “Work From Home” discussion is only possible due to the advancements in modern technology and communication. It has allowed...

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