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Lets Confab…a new food service consultancy for a new landscape

Nico Prinsloo, a former Business Development Director with CH&CO, and John Harris, former founder of The Good Eating Company, have come together to launch a new consultancy for the food service market.

Both are vastly experienced in the sector and want to bring a new approach and dimension to supporting companies and venues. John has long been regarded as one...

The Emerging Leaders Network

"I'm not much for sitting around and thinking about the past or talking about the past. What does that accomplish?
If I can give young people something to think about, like the future, that's a better use of my time”
(Arnold Palmer)

It would, of course, be foolish to forecast the future as there are so many uncertainties and the hard...

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” (Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motor Company)

During these strangest of times, we have found that many have just wanted to talk and share ideas. Often it is as much as trying to understand some of the very confusing messages that are being publicised. It has made life very difficult to understand.

It is a remarkably difficult landscape to understand and there are many who feel disconnected...

Fuelling Productivity

Food Service has a central role to play in bringing teams together once again

The Fuelling Productivity campaign has long argued that food service does play an important and central role in supporting bringing teams together at work, supporting well-being and productivity; all of which have been in gradual decline during the past decade.

This argument is...

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