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As business faces the challenges of a deep recession and Brexit, leadership will be asked to place the service of others at its heart.

How many are really prepared for this?

Business cannot face a much harder challenge than exists at this moment; the pandemic, a deep recession which will be understandably worse than that of 2008/9 and of course, Brexit.

It cannot come much harder and it will naturally create changes. It is inevitable. Life can not just return to...

Uncut and in Conversation with – Simon Sassoon – Founder of 99point9 automated disinfecting solution

The Hospitality Industry is currently under constant challenge but the positive is that as a result thereof and the need to find solutions and a way forward, many new doors have been opened to continued learning and exposure to new and exiting innovation. Traditionally some will argue that the Hospitality Industry has been a bit reluctant to adopt technology solutions but Covid has...

Does this time create an opportunity for hotels to think differently about their models and approach?

The challenge facing the Hospitality industry is, of course, immense and testing. Many face a long road to recovery, with many still believing that full recovery to 2019 levels will not be seen until late 2022 at best. This is leading to many reviewing their models and approach.

There are hotels are looking towards the delivered in the model and...

The Community Pillar

We are witnessing a reset where culture, regional differences and community are at the fore. This creates opportunities and change.

There are a number of key learnings to emerge from the Covid-19 crisis and maybe the most important is that many have found something of genuine importance in how communities have reconnected and collaborated together. At the heart of it...

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