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Is a new approach to Learning & Development emerging?

There are many arguing the case and there is a strong argument to support it though it.is perhaps no surprise as the change was very much needed. CEOs have long asked the question as to why there were not more younger talented individuals pushing at the door to become directors and leaders. Whilst the average age of board directors has increased by over...

Let’s grow our knowledge guide us home

Although we are all back in lockdown, much is still evolving and changing on many different fronts. Most operators seem to be forecasting revenues in 2021 of around 40-50% of 2019 levels, which following on from last year, is forcing greater change. Most note they can no longer cut costs so what can be done differently and what new markets can open up?

The Leader’s Journey – inspiring and enabling future generations

In alliance with partners, a new initiative is being launched whose primary purpose will be to work with leading schools across the country to raise the emphasis on the importance of leadership in business, and society: to help develop life and social skills and support the building of broad knowledge.

Team sport was originally used in Victorian schools to teach...

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