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Net Zero, Carbon Neutral, Carbon Reduction…do you have the answers?

Many hotel and hospitality organisations have made ambitious public commitments to deliver net zero targets, but there are large gaps between the commitments made and the known means by which they can be achieved. There are a range of solutions which have the potential to drive the transition to net zero, but there is often no consensus on which technologies will be able...

A new generation is emerging which will set new standards, and have new ideas on how business should run.

It has often been the case but post a major disruption, a new generation emerges which does take the lead and creates progress. All across the world, new generational talent is moving into leadership roles with their own ideas and visions which are yet to be completely seen. The odds are though that they will marry the success of recent generations in building...

Developing new work patterns and practices will impact on M&A, investment and attracting great people. How advanced are plans?

One of the leading topics of discussion across the industry is, of course, the skills shortages and the need to maybe think differently in relation to work patterns. How can hospitality adapt the way that its people work, operate and feel supported as the world emerges?

It is no secret that work patterns were under pressure anyway before the pandemic....

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