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Time to get real about our relationship with nature

So far this year, around 100m babies have arrived in the world. Despite the global pandemic, there have been around 40m deaths, a net increase of the UK’s population in just 9 months. Today, there are 7.8 billion people inhabiting he planet – that’s enough (if the government guidelines allowed it) to fill Wembley 78000 times. And the world is more inter-connected than...

The Confidante

It was Michael Bloomberg who commented that “What has changed is that people have stopped working together”. A new service is being created to reverse this trend.
Will it help?

Maybe one of the great truths of this time is that very few are able to forecast the future, understand some of the hidden trends or see the way forward. It...

Finding Roots – Every business is going to have to reconnect once again to its purpose, to its people and build a deeper sustainable business philosophy

One of the problems is that the word “sustainability” has become almost entirely linked to environmental sustainability, which is understandable given the challenges of global warming but the true concept of the sustainable business is far broader and encompasses economics, culture and the social. The challenge for many now is to build strong economic businesses connected with culture, social and environment. It is...

Maybe it is time to reimagine how space could be employed within hotels?

On Sunday morning, the former Head of the Civil Service appeared on the BBC arguing that there was little need for the civil service to return to work as is being urged by Government. He argued that it is highly likely that the workplace and work patterns will now have changed permanently with people only travelling back to offices for 2 or maybe...

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