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A new take on learning for those in hospitality, food and drink sectors

The Oxford Cultural Collective (OCC) has launched a permanent, international programme of masterclasses aimed at those who love food, drink and hospitality, whether seasoned professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs or enthusiastic amateurs.

Starting in October 2020, many of the masterclasses are now open for booking.

The programme features an array of renowned figures as guest tutors, including academics, entrepreneurs,...

Introducing Chateau Denmark

A reimagined Perspective on the Apartment & 'Hotel' Experience Opening 2021 in London's Denmark Street
London, September 15th, 2020

Inspired by the birthplace of the British music scene, Chateau Denmark will boldly reflect Denmark Street’s best loved sentiment; creative expression. Capturing a sense of escapism throughout its 55 rooms and apartments, Chateau Denmark will open in London’s famous Denmark Street in...

A WiHTL Forum ‘How can we become an anti-racist organisation?’

‘How can we become an anti-racist organisation?’ was just one of the questions posed in the first webinar in a series of three webinars on race and ethnicity in the workplace organised by WiHTL (Women in Hospitality, Travel & Leisure) in partnership with the UK’s leading pub retailer and brewer, Greene King and ENAR (European Network Against Racism), designed to support leaders across...

“Lunch is for whimps” …the famous words uttered in the 1980s when maybe the problems of today took root? Traditional pillars existed for a fair reason.

So many of the issues being faced today are not rocket science; people simply became tired with perceived corporate arrogance, the lack of values, the lack of purpose, transactions, poor service, automated service plus long working days with high costs which stressed them. We then wonder why people don’t want to go back to the work environment; maybe there are simple answers to...

No one is alone. Problems are there to be solved. New solutions to be discovered.

There will be many who are feeling the strain and need The Confidante.

In such difficult times, it is natural that many will feel vulnerable, pressurised, anxious and challenged. These are difficult times and even six months on, the situation seems as unclear as ever. Many will be wondering about their careers, their futures and what lies next in life?...

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