Aspiring Talent Breaking Barriers

Let’s Break The Barriers

Can talent start at the bottom and work their way to the top as many CEOs did before?

In 2019 you would think so but there was more chance between 1955 and 1975 (OECD Report).

So how can we change this and break through the barriers?

The stats paint a picture that its much much harder today.

  • 85% of 18-24 year olds do not believe this can happen today
  • Surely it is wrong that there are barriers to talent flourishing

To achieve this, we have work to do…

  • 63% of employees lack trust in their leadership (Forbes Magazine)
  • Minority of millennials believe businesses behave ethically (Deloittes)
  • Majority of Millennials do not believe leaders are committed to helping improve society (Deloittes)
  • 46% believe progress depends on their social background
  • 33% believe career progress is related to talent
  • 49% of lowest socio-economic group receive no training after leaving school
  • We need to change this landscape
  • Leadership should build trust

All talent should feel it has a fair chance of success.

Hospitality needs great people

Talent is talent

We just need great people who want and aspire

So giving talent belief again needs to start now

EP has over 40 industry professionals and 28 Olympic and international sporting players

That want to nurture great talent

There is a desire for change

Let’s empower talent again with confidence to aspire for better

Let’s build trust and break the barriers