Asking the questions

EP: Placing industry community and insight first

Each year seems to set a whole new set of challenges for industry leadership teams to face. The industry is evolving at a fast pace and one can almost visibly see the split in the market between those who are being progressive, innovative and forward thinking, those who are struggling simply to survive and those who still operate as if it was 2019.
This is less critical than it may appear, change is harder to manage then many give credit to, as the issues are tough – food inflation, increased cost of money, the need for invention, investment focus on sustainability, staff shortages and the rising demand for customer experience.
It has been a common theme in many discussions that what was almost acceptable in 2019 is no longer the case. The bar has been risen and there are new standards to be met.
From EP’s perspective, we too are working to create new debates, discussions and frameworks and these include:

  • The importance of local. One of the growing themes which we have seen is that more and more are seeking to build experiences and operations which connect to their localities: by promoting local food styles, art, experiences and history. Many guests and consumers are looking for more than just a “transaction” and the answer often lies in how a local culture can be incorporated. We are working with hotel operations across Europe which are focused on creating bespoke propositions that do offer something new to the guest.
  • Asking the Question – a new series of articles which will aim to ask the hard questions which need consideration and review.
  • Young voices. We have been running a whole series of articles to promote the views and perspectives of young talent which have resonated with many. We aim to host a conference later in the year which will bring together young future leaders to present to existing leaders. Are they able to challenge accepted thinking?
  • Entrepreneurs. We have been delighted to relaunch our work with entrepreneurs and are working to create stronger and better frameworks to be supportive.
  • Creating new experiences. Hospitality todays sits centrally to almost all great consumer experiences in a way that it did not previously. We have brought together an innovation team to develop new ideas to be presented to operators for consideration. What else can be done? What new ideas can be considered?
  • Consultants Corner. We received a strong positive response to the launch of Consultants Corner this week in partnership with Maxcene Crowe, MCFM Global. Our aim is to bring a stronger understanding of different perspectives and also to challenge traditional thinking, to look at new ideas and outlooks are being seen.
  • Events. There is a new energy to events emerging and we are delighted to see a strong program emerge for Q3 and Q4 which will bring together leaders to debate and discuss many of the key issues.

This is a period of change. It is a more progressive era and no one has all the answers and solutions. We have long believed in collaboration. It is through alliances and partnerships that business will evolve.