“Ask not what Hospitality can do for you – ask what you can do for Hospitality”

How can we drive a more prosperous and meaningful future for all? 

The hospitality industry is the fourth biggest employer in the UK and includes many businesses which give back to the community around them and society as a whole. However, is it fair to argue that this isn’t always recognised?

Businesses from across the sector including hotels, restaurants and foodservice aim to give back, enrich communities and contribute to society. Those who lead them and those who work for them do make a difference because they tackle social and environmental problems.

Doing ‘social good’ can allow a company to run a solid profitable business whilst also practicing good work and contributing to the community.

In 2018 EP plans to recognise, support and reward businesses which do make a special difference. The vision is to hold an awards ceremony in the summer.

These ‘Hospitality Social Good Awards’ are to celebrate but also to show us all how we can adapt and embrace to grow businesses together and contribute more to society. Best practices and emerging deeds in the community deserve to be showcased, especially as they influence and support others to adopt similar.

The reason?

  • To celebrate and raise awareness of the role businesses in hospitality play by delivering support and raising funds
  • To raise the profile of people and social good in the sector
  • To challenge others to think and act differently
  • To make a difference

Just some recent hospitality industry examples:

  • Rosewood London campaigned for Great Ormond Street with Mini Wishes which included Farther Christmas travelling around London in a red Mini convertible giving out Christmas wishes.
  • Beyond Food, situated at Brigade, delivers professional training programmes for adults who have experienced, or are at risk of, homelessness.

The Sustainable Restaurant Association are launching a social action platform with The Breakfast Club to maximise the impact of the connections between kitchens and communities.

Do you want to be involved?  Please contact Ben.Butler@epmagazine.co.uk

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