As room service becomes more important, so does coffee. If ever there was a time for great coffee machines, then this is that moment.

Research recently noted that 69% of people were looking forward to barista-made coffee in the mornings as they emerged from lockdown. Coffee even beat going to the pub by a clear 22%. Coffee has become a core feature of the UK daily diet and arguably one of the most important parts of the day and customers have become experts in the importance of good coffee.

On top of this, research has also indicated that 66% of those who plan to stay in hotels on business, do not plan to use the in-house restaurants whilst the threat of Covid-19 remains in place. Of this 66%, 44% expect to use inhouse room services. Also of the 66%, 56% hope that room service will be noticeably improved in its breadth and quality.

Given this, it is logical that many hotels do start to consider the machines and services they offer within their bedrooms as it could well make a difference to the customer’s stay. However, it is not as straight forward a process as one may think. For example:

· The greatest demand appears to be for small pod machines and conveniently one can also provide teas and hot chocolate so all bases are covered. However, from the guest’s perspective, the greatest demand is for a bean to cup service.

· Another option could be a well-designed bean to cup machine in each room but even the smallest machine still takes up a reasonable amount of space. The argument with bean to cup is how do you ensure the beans are kept fresh? Who keeps the machine topped up with water and beans and empties the waste container?

· Another question is whether you provide fresh milk machines and if so who cleans them?

· Do you just provide a premium bean to cup machine that can only produce black coffee drinks and milk is added from jiggers or jugs from the fridge and if the guest wants a ‘frothy’ coffee they have to go to the restaurant?

This is a moment to really work through what options are available and what is the best is your own rooms.

If ever there was a time when a coffee machine could make a difference, it is today.

Do you have new plans in place? Would you like to consider options?