Art isn’t just looks

Only in the last decade has art had a global platform for being viewed and shared. This means that art today isn’t just for a select group of art lovers but a much bigger and global community.

But its a busy landscape and many struggle to find the art they love, this is where an opportunity lies for empty and quieter spaces in the hospitality sector.

The most important element with art is the emotional connection between the art and the viewer. It should move people and this cannot always be achieved through a digital screen.

It therefore makes sense for people to visit physical locations and view authentic pieces of work. Galleries and museums provide a sterling job but add in quality food, drinks and service and suddenly its a full experience. This is where hospitality can excel.

Could a night cap experience at a London hotel appeal to those who want to try something different?

There are over 250 art fairs internationally and their aim, alongside providing experiences for art lovers, is appealing to wider audiences so they grow their awareness. At the same time hotels and restaurants are looking at ways to create strong cultures and become pillars in the community. Is there a natural marriage to be developed?

Why can’t hospitality put on art fairs, trade fairs, expeditions, discussions or host art on tour? Could a night cap experience at a London hotel appeal to those who want to try something different?

Art is forever being used to make a positive difference

In New York solar powered highway signs are being placed around the city with messages such as “Climate change at work” and “Climate denial kills” are being displayed in different languages.

The installation, created by the Climate Museum, and named ‘Climate Signals’ has been created by Justin Brice Guariglia, an artist who regularly focuses on environment themes in his work.

The hope is that art can play a valuable role in this effort and engages the local community about risks and solutions. This is just one example of where art can play such a strong role.

Underneath the desire for art in hospitality is culture and trust

Digital communications, process and social media have become too dominant. Talent, ambition and creativity must take centre stage again. Art can generate experiences, provoke and inspire, combined this can build strong culture.

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