Art in Hospitality

Daily life is becoming more inspirational

The Power of Art

Over recent years we have observed an increasingly love affair with food, especially towards fresh produce and nutrition, but there has also been a renaissance with art.

Art supports emotional intelligence and arguably can also be physical and audible. There is great strength in painting, drawing, sculptor and photography and all can be showcased in hospitality.

Combined, art and food, has become a powerful relationship.

There is a natural platform that has developed that brings art into hospitality businesses. On a simple level hotels and restaurants today can act as galleries.

For the operator it’s a powerful story which can be communicated to target markets and for the artists or gallery it’s a new strategy as they explore diverse revenue streams.

Today there is a wealth of research which tells us that our daily lives are becoming dominated by technology and process. Life has become so controlled that we desire and need to seek out the visual.

This is where art plays such an important role and married with hospitality, it can only be more powerful.

Art that engages with society at large

Art isn’t just for millionaires selling art for millions. Art is being bought in different ways and for varying amounts. In the Hiscox Online Art Trade Report 2017, 79% of online art buyers spend less than $5,000 per piece.

The visual is a key essence in life

Art challenges, reaches further and helps people escape. The best art should ask you what you think, prompt you to ask questions and put you into doubt. It is the power of imagination which lets us dream and reflect on things are they could and should be.

Hospitality businesses have the power to represent artists and support those making change at a micro level in society – it changes things in subtle ways but the beauty is in the way it brings people together as well as various commercial streams.

Art is becoming increasingly important and when curated correctly it can become an essential part of the customer experience.

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