Are you too tired or have lost the will to convince people anymore?

“I just don’t have the energy or will to convince people anymore…”

This was a really interesting comment made at a recent conference. The speaker – an International CEO – commented that he had lost the will to try to change and influence people’s thinking anymore as it was just too hard in the modern era.

The argument that it is becoming too hard as a good reason in itself is no longer enough – people do not listen as much, do not hear messages and are influenced by social media’s latest trends and stories rather than the power of a solid argument.

He therefore only wanted to work with those of shared views and hopefully together their actions will create positive change.

It will be a view that resonates with many as many companies are frustrated that they are finding it harder and harder to reach target audiences. There are also many businesses today noting that their thinking has become narrow because the processes and systems within businesses are enforcing a narrower approach.

Is this relevant? The point is that it appears increasingly difficult to change people’s thinking even though it is clear that we are on a path that is creating more issues by the day and stifling culture.

However, the next question is where does this leave political campaigning and also conferences and general business think tanks? The only natural conclusion that can be drawn is that people are not listening and reflecting with meaning.

There is clearly a structural issue within business models that does need consideration.

Many of the baby boomers talk fondly of great teams and fun at work.  This seems like an almost historic ideal so somewhere balance needs to be found again and maybe the starting point is placing people and teams first again.

People used to want to belong to one company. It is strange that this has changed so much as human nature hasn’t?  It is an old truth that if people feel like they belong, they will be more creative, more resilient and eager to contribute to work…….and hear more.

There has been too much blaming of generations and people. There is a genuine need to look at how cultures, values and teams can be placed first.

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