Are some of the letters on your keyboard worn down?

How do we truly communicate today?

Digital communication is brilliant, there is no doubt. We are able to type away at a keyboard and connect with people all over the world. The impact of ‘digital’ has changed communication fundamentally and at times can be as powerful as talking.

But has it reached it’s peak? It is time to find the balance with more ‘traditional’ forms of communication?

It is clear to see the changes digital has given us. Just look at job titles and role responsibilities in marketing departments.
However it is less clear when looking at the changing world of work. People look tired, they feel stressed, they complain they’re busy – wasn’t digital supposed to help us?

We don’t need to spend a long time highlighting the examples of where communication lets us down. Just check your email inbox after a few hours, have you ever received a call about why you haven’t responded to an email that was sent an hour before?

There is so much information out there. It’s no longer the case of getting heard through the noise, it’s getting rid of some of that clutter. For the better of people and business.

What would you rather do? Attend an online forum to discuss the future, or attend an event in person to discuss the future? It’s fascinating to hear the number of people pick the latter but do the former.

Time to get disconnected

Communicating isn’t easy, at times it can be stubbornly difficult. What does the audience really want to know, what do they really need to know? Shouldn’t that always be the starting place?

Take a step back, have a breather, put the kettle on, have a good think about what and how you’re communicating. Then make sure you’re out and about absorbing and enjoying the market and businesses. That’s just as important isn’t it?

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