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Goodbye face-masks?

A report by, Steven Pike, Managing Director, HGEM

Now that legal requirements for mask-wearing have been removed, many operators are scratching heads, wondering what the most reasonable way to proceed might be.

There needs to be a balance between enjoying new freedoms, whilst still protecting staff and guests, and understanding what the new customer needs and expectations...

Developing a stronger sense of place – The Food & Culture shows 2022

This is a moment for new thinking. We have the chance to create new frameworks that build communities.

One of the most exciting and positive developments of the last two years has been the increased focus on localism; the desire to see communities come together. For whatever historical reason, the UK has never been as strong as other countries in...

Webinar Report – Exploring Deliveroo Editions as a service partner to operators

EP were proud to host a discussion forum with senior executives from within Deliveroo Editions together with a panel of hospitality industry experts to explore the real potential of Deliveroo being able to work as service partners to operators in hotels and food service.

The Covid pandemic has challenged many existing models and as we start to walk the road...