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This time we have to change

Sceptics question the feasibility of bringing a complete retail mindset into a B&I catering environment given some of the barriers to change. Inevitably, the market is bringing forth companies who are prepared to challenge the status quo

How best to buy food: Supermarket v Street Market

Buying the right food is the first stage to making a great meal, weather for family, friends or customers. Understanding how best to do this is key to producing something great, or alternatively pretty mediocre. For however much of an accomplished cook you are, if you start with poor quality raw materials you’ll end up with, at best…

Corporate entrepreneurs

In this latest instalment we bring you the story behind MITIE’s Catering Team. MITIE is a FTSE 250 strategic outsourcing company with revenues in excess of £2 billion. In order to continue its aspiration to deliver world class integrated facilities management