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Many large companies are allocating funds to support the ideals and development of future leaders.

Many others have seen the pandemic change their thinking on people.
This November, we are delighted to announce the publication of a new book entitled “Time for Change in Hospitality Leadership” which analyses just why it has been a struggle for many emerging talents to break through to leadership roles over the last decade and how the pandemic will have seen many companies and...

Are Staycations here to stay? Can this be a golden opportunity for hotels?

This week, HGEM released research which indicated that many found new pleasures in holidaying in the UK but was this a moment in time or is there a deeper trend taking place?

EP interviewed 3 of the HGEM team - Steven Pike, Keit Vende and Chloe Walker as to their insights and thoughts. What new services may emerge? What should...

Are Staycations here to stay?

Research suggests that the Industry can prepare for more with confidence.
A report by Steven Pike, Managing Director, HGEM

Recent market analyses, such as PwC's UK Hotels Forecast 2020-2021, indicate that the Staycation trend to is set to continue in a strong position throughout 2021, particularly favourably for coast and country properties. In our own recent survey, we asked our panel...

Uncut and in Conversation with – Jonny Stevens and

Young Entrepreneurs – seeing talent take a chance

Maybe one of the most important developments of this period has been the emergence of a number of young entrepreneurs who bring new ideas, passion and innovation to market at this most strange of times.

EP has long argued that the economy needs a flourishing market where entrepreneurs can...

A new alliance for troubled times

Liquidline and Change Please have come together to create a formidable coffee partnership to help the homeless

Change Please has won the hearts of many across the Industry with its great work in supporting the homeless, training them as baristas, giving them both self-respect and a future. Supported by many leading figures such as, companies such as Barings, Change...