The Robin Hood ideal reworked


There are many entrepreneurs racing to be original but the chances that something special resonates is difficult to achieve. Some of these innovators will make it because they care and act upon it




There is a real interest in original ideas and concepts that will bring a point of difference to operations and engage customers. The entrepreneurs behind them have real exceptional talent, courage, passion and belief and originality has become one of the leading themes of the day.

EP has been developing a community network to assist innovation and create a framework for investment and development in both existing and new businesses.

The objective is to bring businesses and entrepreneurs together for mutual growth and development and find value on both sides. For the companies, they bring on board new ideas from entrepreneurs to improve their offering, service or customer experience and for the entrepreneur they secure investment, trade, the benefit of practical experience, advisors and much more. This is linked to a further aim of pushing boundaries by facilitating investment in innovation.

The entrepreneurial mindset lives within businesses too. It’s an attitude that actively seeks out change for the better, rather than waiting to adapt to change only when it becomes necessary. There are some developing this attitude and wanting to know more. Even those who are very successful and at the top of their game worst it is thought provoking and at best may start a partnership that can add real commercial value to a business.

EP’s Entrepreneurs Club interacts with over 100 entrepreneurs and is a truly international and cosmopolitan group cannot dwell and reflect on past achievements, they must be able to look forward too and remain cutting edge.

The difficulty for some may lie with isolating existing activities and people or treating new cooperations as a completely separate entity. To really embrace new forms of innovation and concepts a business must appreciate and communicate with each other. The other fear is that an acceleration of one area can lead to the slowdown of other important parts in a business.

Businesses can get involved formally or informally in many ways. Just being open to new ideas is the best way to start. Becoming a part of the community can lead to learning more about the various entrepreneur’s ideas and concepts. At that includes ideas and talent from the UK, Europe, India and the USA. Business opportunities are being developed in the UK and beyond. These entrepreneurs are not just start-ups but also established companies with promising growth plans, new hotel and property concepts, social enterprises, food and drink products, technology, sport products, interior design and much more.

In order to support them, EP has put together a team of experts who will provide feedback and advice before the direct investment stage. Access to capital is crucial to help entrepreneurs get their business started and grow to the next levels. The target is to bring industry, investors and entrepreneurs together so this group can thrive and prosper.