Reinvention: What is the approach?

It is not an easy process to go through outside one’s comfort zone.
It can bring a focus and a sense of purpose. 

Reinvention is about creating change in one’s career and life – engaging new social networks, new challenges, and new skills, seeing a different perspective. One could argue that is about developing a bespoke individualised marketing campaign but this would be too simplistic.

One group of friends decided to create change in their lives by doing new things and meeting new people. They went to ballroom dance classes, joined a jazz society, embraced to new business networks and within months, found new opportunities.

It may sound easy but two core points need to be raised:

  1. Many struggle to go outside their natural comfort zones and need support to do so
  2. At the heart, there needs to be a desire to learn – new skills, new culture and new Without this, it is impossible to change.

Many want to change their careers; change their lives but struggle to think differently about their careers and networks. Our approach is about creating bespoke plans that focus on change. There are many senior professionals that do want to change as they feel stale and lacking in motivation. They want to have interesting, fulfilling work and face new challenges – just different ones. For some, they no longer want the frenetic pace of top corporate jobs, or there are those that want to contribute more to the wider community. For others, they feel a lack of self-confidence/self-esteem and want to find a new sense of purpose. Some may have retired early – from sport, from business – but still want to add value and have a focus in their lives. Everyone has a different 

base point but it is probably why so many are lured towards consultancy work – there are a reputed 500,000 business consultants in the UK – and often with it the promise of flexible hours, higher rates, location independence.

However, there are greater options as business and charities are calling out for talent to help them as well as whole range of other crafts that one can learn and find a renewed energy and purpose.

So how does one reinvent themselves? In fairness it is not an easy process and that is why it is important to work with an independent source. It is can be partly by gaining an objective perspective but it is more about thinking differently – creating new ideas and options, finding new knowledge, seeing the external market through different eyes and working with someone to go outside your comfort zone.

Reinvention will mean that one has to explore new territory and that can be difficult. 

So what does a coach do?

  • Create a bespoke plan that explores new options
  • Create a marketing and social plan for the Individual
  • Skill analysis and evaluation
  • Support new learning
  • Be social. This part can be both fun and engaging – but it is hard to break into new networks without help
  • Create change at an organised pace. It won’t just happen. It takes time, thought and planning
  • Support the change process. Leaving one career to start another will raise its own issues

The process does require an investment but will create a journey of change in knowledge, perspective and challenge. It takes courage to change but today this has become a constant truth. The pace of change in the last decade has been challenging but has also opened

up the opportunities for reinvention – this process would have been far less likely and possible without the changes brought about by the social and business change created by the digital revolution.

Could it be time for your own bespoke evolution?