Putting street food on the map


“Survival for any food business depends on visibility  and sales – every  day is a chance  to rotate”


StreetDots provides a modern platform for street trading. Focusing on the three main protagonists: the landowner, the independent traders and the end consumer.

Crowdfunding, online takeaway ordering and CRM systems are populating our business decisions and in many cases, supporting new business ventures coming to life. If there was any doubt still lingering in anybody’s mind, I can confirm, technological efficiency is key to businesses of all sizes and now even food truck traders. StreetDots was born when Atholl Milton, owner of Bunnychow, was struggling to place his food truck business quickly on all the food markets dotting the city. “One of the main obstacles is efficient communication between independent businesses and the landowners,” says Atholl. “Landowners (often the borough councils) lack understanding of the intricacies of food businesses and completely overlook the crucial aspect of visibility and immediate reaction required to trade.”

The advantages of using a service platform such as StreetDots are multiple. The landowner sees an increase in space occupation through innovative and maximised revenue, complete visibility on medium to long-term space popularity as well as an external but efficient operational framework.

The independent traders gain a ‘no headache’ simple system to book their retail sales space quickly and efficiently. As for the foodie, “We add variety and choice to their shopping experience,” says co-founder Darren Callcott. “Survival for any food business depends on visibility and sales – for a food truck business every day is a chance to rotate.”

In a world where street food is eaten by 2.5 billion people per day, I wonder why this was not conceptualised earlier. How it works is simple:

• Traders sign up with a business account profile describing their offer

• They log in daily or weekly and assess availability in the active markets in the UK

• They then choose a pitch and snap it up! Confirmation is received and authorisation to trade during the agreed hours is immediate

As a professional foodie and hospitality consultant always on the lookout for the best possible variety in today’s street food plethora of traders, I couldn’t ask for more than an app that gives me live news about who is trading when I am heading out to a specific food destination. Not only that, we can now app stalk our favourite food creators at the click of a smartphone! All of a sudden, street eats have become even better – enjoy!