An Interview with the founders of Foodles – Michael Ormancey and Clement Bonhomme

Founded in 2015, Foodles became a disrupter for the B2B market for staff feeding in Paris and today serves over 200 clients on a daily basis. It has built a strong foundation from which they are in 2022, launching in London.

The originality of the concept lies in creating connected fridges at the heart of the workplace, allowing direct access for employees 24/7. The food products themselves are produced daily and delivered into operations. All the delivery operatives are employed by Foodles creating a strong service level to support a well-designed fresh product.

Since 2015, Foodles have raised more than E42m which illustrates the faith and confidence of investors. However, who do they compete against? Is their service unique? Do they see themselves as competing against traditional food service players or against the likes of Just Eat and Deliveroo?

This interview meets with the two founders of Foodles and talks to them about their aspirations, achievements to date and hopes for the future.