An Interview with Raquel Noboa, Founder Fifty Shades Greener

Fifty Shades Greener is an international educational company in the field of Sustainability. The business was founded in Ireland and has now come to the UK and beyond. The company’s mission is to make Environmental Education mainstream, for all age groups and industries, working with Governments, Public Agencies and Corporations. As a result, they are working with schools, with companies with Government.

However, what is Raquel’s own story?

From the age of 17, Raquel has worked in the hospitality industry following her move from her native Spain to Ireland. Since embarking on her career in hotel management she has had the privilege of working around the world and in all areas of the industry. Hospitality was and remains her true passion and so she understands the unprecedented challenges it currently faces and the mental barriers it can encounter when it comes to sustainability in business.

Raquel is what hospitality is all about – genuine passion and care for something which is bigger than herself. She is striving to make a difference in an area which we all now have to consider.