An autumnal chill in the air in April

Wholesome Seduction: EP Edition

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Bringing you the latest food and nutrition musings from Clare Garcia and Wholesome Seduction. Her blog focuses on observations about current trends and opinions in the world of eating.


clareWhat is Wholesome Seduction?

Wholesome Seduction is a food blog that believes food is fuel and it should not only taste good, but do us good. Taking inspiration from abroad and with a little thought and planning, flavour needn’t be compromised.

Clare Garcia has a background in concept development and retail, which she blends with her love of food, nutrition and creative direction.

In this issue

In spite of the autumnal chill in the air, April was a month of sunshine for me. Our pantone loving brand, Gather & Gather (what I do when I’m not scoffing, shopping or stretching in India) launched to rapturous reviews. Recipes were shared, some wholesome, some so seductive any cerebral nagging re: waistlines promptly evaporates.

Boutique Indian hotels were even sampled in the name of blogging travel picks with guaranteed sun. Since it refuses to shine on Great Britain. Let it not be said I don’t do my duty by you, wholesomely seductive readers. Namaste.


Gather & Gather

With all my eulogies on India, Spain, yoga and hot eating and travel spots, you could be forgiven for thinking my life is one long, gluttonous yoga retreat. It’s not. At least not all the time. I’m pleased to say I have a day job for which, like this blog, my gathering of said wholesomely seductive treasures and trends is quite fortuitous.

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Anzac Biscuits

In honour of Anzac day (25th April), and of our Gather & Gather brand launch, my very talented Kiwi colleague and chef, Tony has somewhat altruistically shared his closely guarded recipe. Thank you land of Antipodeans!

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Travel Pick: Holy Cow

This month is a significant one for me; five years ago I popped my India cherry. And my holidays have never been the same since. Each year I try to break away from my spiritual addiction and fail. Since April 2008 I’ve back-packed (kind of), boutique hotel’d and eaten my way from sand and dust suffocated Rajasthan to tropical India’s most southern, sticky, coconut fringed tip.

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Almond Butter

I’m a big Peanut Butter fan. I was practically weaned on Sun-pat and Marmite sandwiches; I dollop Wholenut Crunchy into smoothies and even cram it into Lindt Teddies. Don’t knock it. Apart from the nagging feeling of gluttony, I’m painfully aware that peanuts aren’t great for me – there are better fats out there and I’m cursed with instant bloating on consumption. Almonds on the other hand, are a veritable powerhouse of goodness. And in my opinion, taste even better when roasted, blitzed and topped on toast or oatcakes. Protein and nutrient packed instantness.

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Storehouse Seducer, Almonds

Most attractive features
A natural anti-oxidant, storehouse staple, almonds are also richer in six key nutrients than any other nut: magnesium, Vitamin E, potassium, protein, fibre and copper.

Why we fell in love
Nuts in general get a bad rap in terms of our girths. However, a handful (approx. 23 almonds) of this super hero contains only 163 calories and will do a lot more to sustain you than half a bagel or a couple of slices of toast. Both are about the same in calories. Miraculously, almonds also help reduce our insulin and blood sugar levels after eating.

So, reduced risk of heart disease, cholesterol and GI lowering, anti-oxidant rich and skin nourishing; need you ask why we’re in love? Spread some Almond butter on your toast this instant!

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