Amadeus Innovation Hub

Providing a platform to showcase cutting edge innovation

Amadeus and EP are proud to announce a new Innovation Hub which is designed to recognise exceptional innovation in hospitality.

The Hub is a platform for entrepreneurs and SMEs with exciting companies and concepts they are keen to bring into the highly competitive hospitality sector.

The Hub is designed to identify the best products, concepts and solutions in the sector and all types of companies can apply.

This is the chance to present to Amadeus, a leading foodservice company. They place innovation on the highest priority as they believe it’s what keeps the industry moving forward.

Finalists will have the chance to present their proposal or company to Amadeus with the potential to work with the organisation and receive mentoring and an opportunity to knowledge share with our senior operators. This a unique opportunity and the experience gained will be of huge benefit.

Those entering must summit:

  • Description of company – 500 words max
  • Business plan
  • How the concept or product is delivered – 500 words max
  • Reasons why they would work well in Amadeus – 1000 words max
  • What makes the company unique – 500 words max

An independent panel will select the shortlist who will then be invited to ‘pitch’ their concept or company to a select group of judges. Pitches will take place in late October with the results announced in early November. This is an incredible opportunity to put a new concept or company in front of an experience innovative leading company. It is a great way to connect with Amadeus and share ideas and challenges within the hospitality industry.

Submit Entries.