Amadeus: Connecting Catering Solutions

Introducing brand new insights from Amadeus

Leading caterer Amadeus are launching a series of new e-newsletters and magazine service which will include insight, innovation and their latest updates.

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Those who sign-up can expect to receive: 

From how they are approaching apprenticeships to the range of different sectors they operate in, the news updates are fascinating for a wide audience.

Opinion pieces on many different subjects around catering solutions:

  • Auditions not interviews
  • Catering with a conscience
  • Round tables on food trends

Much more

From transforming arena catering by going cashless, to how apprentice chefs are recruited, Amadeus are taking on new innovation which makes a positive difference for both the customer and the business.

With the catering industry facing many challenges, now is the time to share knowledge. Amadeus are approaching this by sharing content and insights. Sign-up today to be regularly updated via email.

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