All ages, different professions, coming together to build new friendships

It is fair to say that EP’s “Under the African Skies” Gala Dinner was an evening with a difference.

By Chris Sheppardson, Managing Director, EP

The charity dinner raised money for Elephant Conservation in Kenya, the African Dancers were joined on stage by a guest, the African feast surprised and was enjoyed by guests and The Sporting Wine Club’s wines proved popular – most especially the Tara Rose that did symbolise the evening – a new fresh wine with an Elephant as the logo.

However, placing all this to one side, the real importance of the evening was that it did cross boundaries and age groups. Of the audience, 30% were from the world of Hospitality: 30% from the professions, 10% from the world of sport and 20% from other business sectors. This is rare to find and it was a delight to see all age groups covered from the young, emerging talent to those retired to Lords to innovative entrepreneurs.

From our perspective, this is what EP wants to encourage and see more – breaking down barriers between industries, creating new friendships and contacts across the sectors – seeing younger talent engage with top leaders from business and the professions. Our belief, right or wrong, is that this will create positive change in time.