After 2020, there can be no excuses for why companies have not rediscovered their values or redefined their services

No one can say that they have been too busy to listen and therefore act accordingly.

Whatever the woes of this year, it has given all a moment in which to reflect, review and plan. There is little doubt that, out of this most difficult of periods, have come a number of growing dominant themes which many want to see sit at the heart of business philosophies for 2021. These include:

1) A commitment to sustainability strategies, through actions rather than simply words.

2) For large companies to show leadership in how they connect and engage with SME’s as the success of the latter is vital to the economy and needs the support of the larger players.

3) For business to possess genuine values once again and many companies have worked hard at their value propositions over recent months

4) There is no longer any excuse for companies not to be strong in their approach to diversity and inclusion, in people as well as in services.

5) This is all about a balance between people and technology and both need investing in.

Far greater change will emerge from this period than many do realise. No one can say they have not had time to stop, think and consider many of the problems and issues that business had been facing prior to the pandemic. Many spent the first few months trying to understand the dynamics of 2020 but since the Summer, many companies have worked increasingly hard at facing the issues and problems that did confront business before the pandemic struck.

As the world re-emerges, it will become noticeable as to which companies have worked hard at finding solutions and putting the above pillars in place and those who have just been waiting to push the start button again.

There are many forecasts being made at this time but some of the most common are that:

1) The 2020’s could be a new golden age for entrepreneurs with a forecast rise in 2021 of 45% new companies open up over the normal levels

2) Service and sustainability both stand on the brink of a new age where both are central to strategies.

3) Hospitality is now a major player and seen as such.

4) The people piece will no longer be seen as a luxury item but as core to performance.

5) Relationships will once again become key to business.

6) The 2020’s will see companies aspiring to higher values and behaviours.

7) Advances in D&I will have come forward 5 years in a short period of time

8) Business leadership will not just be about wealth generation but also about contribution to a bigger picture, to society.

If all this does take place, then many will look back at 2020 and say that was an awful year which lead to much good.