A walking tour of Borough Market

On Friday, 21st September EP and John Harris hosted an event for leaders in the hospitality industry to highlight the knowledge, experience and quality of shopping through local food markets.  Meeting at Monmouth Coffee the group then spent time exploring the market stall holders to learn more about their products and sample the wares.

“Buying the right food is the first stage to making a great meal, weather for family, friends or customers.  Understanding how best to do this is key to producing something great, or alternatively pretty mediocre. For however much of an accomplished cook you are, if you start with poor quality raw materials you’ll end up with, at best, a disappointing plate of food”


“One of the main problems for us now is that over the years we’ve lost the ability to look a loaf of bread in the eye and decide for ourselves if it’s good, bad or indifferent.  Sadly, as a nation, we have become pretty much food illiterate”


“In the UK we are pretty much addicted to our supermarkets for all our daily requirements from apples to loo rolls – the majority of our purchasing power is spent in one of the big four chains. The question is: does it give us the best results?”


“It will help you to build up more understanding of raw materials, being able to look a person in the face who grew, made or bred what you are about to buy can really help. Ask questions if you are not sure about something”


(Thanks to Ben Gateley at The Eleven for some images used)