A unique opportunity for Food Service to make its case

There is a real desire to work together to tell this story and message

There is a genuine opportunity for the Food Service Sector – maybe the first in a generation – to present a strong message/argument that can resonate with the boards of organisations and make the case for stronger investment into a service that really does impact on daily lives of so many.

We argue that there are a number of key issues that concern boards which include the lack of trust from employees, the fall in productivity, the importance of culture and employee health/well-being and countering mental illness. Food Service has a key role to play and there is an argument to make.

At present there are already 18 companies who want to be involved. There are some major challenges the sector will face over the next year and this means we need to ensure we are communicating a strong message to C-Suite clients.

Recently we were delighted to host a Think Tank on the issue with a range of companies and consultants present. The breakfast session was kindly supported by Compass Group and IndiCater. Video below:

Quite rightly the question being asked is over remit and the remit is to develop a voice for the sector that is not aimed at lobbying government but about taking its message to C-Suite clients. This is to showcase how food service can impact positively on productivity, culture, customers, venues profitability, and employee, child, student, patient welfare and more.

It is about creating an open and strong message so that the sector can argue for more investment, better margins and a better level of discussion and inclusion at the board table. There is currently a change in narrative and dialogue around many board tables and this is what presents the opportunity.

For more information and to be involved please contact ben.butler@epmagazine.co.uk 

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