A surprising alliance. How Gastronomica can make a difference.

The good news is that the last week does seem to have seen the narrative move away from Covid and onto a focus for business to restart in earnest. There is new hope and confidence developing as well as a desire to fulfill that maxim “let’s build back better” and this particularly includes sustainability.

We do not yet know just how things will unfold, but the one thing that we do know is that we will see some significant change to come. We are going to need some surprising alliances to develop as sectors work together to share knowledge, ideas, and innovation. We may well see an exciting period ahead as companies are more open to working together than was often previously the case.

It is for this reason that we are delighted to note that over 40 companies are now supportive of the Gastronomica initiative and it is growing all the time. There is a long way to go but by sharing information, resources, activities, and capabilities we can achieve things together that we could never achieve alone.

There is a direct motivation for businesses to get involved. One can only gain more knowledge, ideas, and information from working with colleagues across the sector.

Such a strong collaboration of companies, a cross-sector partnership which brings together food service, hotels, consultants, advisors, and more can prove to be essential in achieving the scale and sustained impact we need to see. These partnerships can unleash innovative ways of working, mobilizing expertise, and create a showcase for the best of the industry. It is the value of collaboration that brings real transformation.

The collaboration coming together already includes experts from the UK, Ireland, Italy, Middle East and France. It includes market-leading companies as well as leading consultants, experts and advisors. It can only be a good thing to explore.

So do feel free to get in touch and get involved.