A positive attack on the senses

It’s all about the experience

Exploring the senses

Hospitality has the power to not only bring communities together but to be the centre of them. As the world changes at speed we crave places to go and relax and reward ourselves in. The fascinating development is that the bar has been raised on the quality of food and beverage. We can enjoy the finest cuisine’s from around the world and paired with great service, it makes for a brilliant experience.

Arguably the right level of service can be difficult to achieve as all operations face challenges over job positions and changing customer desires but if the food and service is right, then how do businesses stand out today? Maybe they need to look at the other human senses – sight, sound and smell.

 “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

Thomas Merton

The environment we enjoy hospitality in – architecture, interior design, art – all impact on in some form. If the ambience and feel, which often stems from physical environment, matches our desires, we want to return, bring friends, maybe even spend more.

We don’t always notice the subtle differences, such as colours that make a statement in daytime and then again at night or how design reflects the dishes on the menus but it all plays a role. There is a strong and powerful message when art, food and beverage is done well and that can make one an operator stand out.

Artists are looking for new platforms to showcase and sell their work through. Some argue that online sales are the future, but buyers are concerned over the quality of the artwork compared to the digital image. So there is scope for hospitality locations to becomes the homes. Whether a famous name or a piece from an emerging artist, when the story is told in the right way, it should bring in the community and that’s powerful.

Whilst the definition of art varies, if we were to include it as any creative activity then sound and smell are of equal importance to the visual. The power of sound can have different effects on people. A rhythm can build as day turns to night and various music can make us feel more peaceful and relaxed. Equally smell can bring us into places – as simple as a bakery pumping out the smell of freshly baked treats.

As more operators look to understand their customers, every impact on the ‘experience’ needs to be examined and understood. It’s a not an easy process but the results can make a positive difference.

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