A Passion for Learning

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A Passion for learning

Think Tanks are dominating the news at the moment with the upcoming election and the continuous updates on Brexit. It is important that the true meaning of a Think Tank is not overlooked as they do provide a place of learning that is difficult to achieve in other environments.

EP created its Think Tank network this year to broaden and challenge thinking. It is for both peers and industry leaders to come together and discuss a key issue that is or will impact the industry.

In June we are hosting another two sessions in Central London.

The world is changing and organisations and individuals need to find places where they can interact, form relationships and discuss topics. People are of the upmost importance and companies must look to invest in their talent. Supporting their learning is a key area.

A recent PWC report highlighted that the relentless march of automation will transform the role of people at work. Different skills will be needed, some roles will disappear and others will evolve. Now for most this is not radical thinking, a simple a quick google or LinkedIn search will pull up numerous articles stating the need to develop a different skill sets in our emerging and existing talent. The governments legalisation of apprenticeships through the Skills Funding Agency puts a focus on businesses providing a different type of training.

Organisations will always need people, fact, and given that numerous CEO’s cite the availability of key skills as the biggest threat many have already begun the journey of rebalancing their workforce, marrying technology with exclusively human capabilities

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do. Steve Jobs

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