A new thinking for Leadership & Development

9th April 2019

The next breakfast session on the need for new thinking for L&D and to look at talent development through new eyes. On 9th April 2019 EP is bringing together key players in the industry to discuss the importance of talent in the modern work environment.

Some questions to consider:

  • Research suggests that the invested L&D levels have fallen by 50% in relative terms over the last twenty years from 2% of salaries to 1%. In comparison, German companies invest twice as much. Is this fair?
  • Can someone enter the sector at the lowest level and really work their way up to CEO today? Like many did before.
  • If a young person leaves University with £40k+ loan, does this impact their mindset?

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Following a launch session earlier this year, the core outcomes included: there is a great need to allow talent to once again feel like they can aspire to get to the very top. That L&D needs to adapt to support different skillsets, mindsets and generations. But also that whilst the education system is having an impact, the industry must not use this as an excuse and do more to support talent coming through.

Together with Upskill People, the discussion has started and EP is continuing to bring the industry together to open up this conversation and really explore why social mobility has become frozen and how we can unleash talent to aspire again.