A new generation is emerging which will set new standards, and have new ideas on how business should run.

It has often been the case but post a major disruption, a new generation emerges which does take the lead and creates progress. All across the world, new generational talent is moving into leadership roles with their own ideas and visions which are yet to be completely seen. The odds are though that they will marry the success of recent generations in building wealth but with a return to stronger ideals.

It is the emerging generations who have helped set the new narrative in sustainability and ESG. Ever since 2012, the momentum has been building ever stronger just as the millennials became that much more influential with each passing year.

The same happened after the Second World War which in the 1950s saw the expansion of international trade along with a stronger social ideology.

The narrative over millennials has often been inaccurate as they have been overly criticised at times and over the next few years, they will set the new tone in business. Is this something to be concerned about? Very unlikely.

There is little doubt that approaches to management have become too stuck in traditions and days gone by. It has been in need of change. Most structures have been run almost like a machine with a dominant focus on process and models. This resulted in a lack of engagement and agility to meet the shifting needs of customers, members, and employees and are indications of how this approach to management is crumbling and left lacking. Add to this the shake-up that the social internet has brought to business and society, it is clear that it has created a landscape for new patterns and ideas.

Millennials do have a drastically different outlook on what they expect from their employment experience. Millennials are better educated, skilled in technology, and possess a different perspective. Is this something to be frightened of?

Millennials are creating a change in how work gets done, as they work more in teams and use more technology. Their social mind-set is also a significant factor as they understand the need to do well by doing good. Almost 70 percent say that giving back and being civically engaged are their highest priorities.

We could be sitting at the start of an exciting new era with new leaders and new ideas about to come to the fore. Are you ready?