A new alliance for troubled times

Liquidline and Change Please have come together to create a formidable coffee partnership to help the homeless

Change Please has won the hearts of many across the Industry with its great work in supporting the homeless, training them as baristas, giving them both self-respect and a future. Supported by many leading figures such as Will.i.am, companies such as Barings, Change Please is building a momentum for change. Winner of the “Richard Branson’s and Sunday Times – Start up of the year”, Winner of the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneur in 2017 and Winner of the Queen’s Award 2019 amongst many others, their message is being heard. It is important that the momentum is not lost now. As the founder Cemal Ezel notes:

“If we can just get a small proportion of coffee drinkers to simply change where they buy their coffee, we could really change the world.”

It is hoped by many that this period with the pandemic will have focused many companies and individuals to think differently about social sustainability and how we do all work to help those in need.

Liquidline (www.liquidline.co.uk) has also been building a strong reputation across the UK for its quality coffee machines. It is absolutely logical for the two to ally together and work to emphasise just how great coffee impacts on nearly everyone and how it can also impact on helping those who need a life in life.

Gavin Pooley, founder of Liquidline, noted:

β€œIt’s with a sense of responsibility and a determination of making a difference that we are extremely excited to announce our collaboration with Change Please. Never has the need been so great for us to consider how we can help those around us and the harnessing of Liquidline together with Change Please can now really make a difference to those in homelessness – literally one coffee at a time.”

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