A need for a leadership development hub? What did you say?

Since we published a piece on this concept, we have had a range of emails and comments, nearly all supportive of the concept. We also took the concept to our Emerging Leaders. To provide some insight, some of their comments are below:

· “The development of leadership talent is a topic very close to my heart as you may remember, based on the incredible impact that 3 excellent leaders had on my fledgeling career. Conversely, the reason I moved to run my own business was largely as a result of an uninterrupted run of poor and weak leaders that I was less fortunate to meet as my career developed.”

· “I think if key players and a diverse group of people are able to interact together in a lighthearted, less formal/ traditional way – it could get everyone thinking and trigger some really positive and innovative outcomes for society! “

  • “It is about listening and leading – that is as important for “traditional” leaders and it is for emerging leaders. Covid has taught industry leaders that they don’t necessarily have all the answers all the time and that they have to be humble, listen, engage and then lead.”
  • ” It is all about hope, we have a responsibility to give hope. Many are lacking purpose and hope, subject’s which EP have covered well in the past. These topics are so important now. How people stay positive and avoid slipping into dark holes – without it our industry is in more danger.
  • “Talent is talent and focusing only on the young is not helpful or correct as our industry is made out of exceptional talent of all ages. We simply have to inspire people as everything is just too low-beat at the moment (not referring to EP events!)”

· “Anything that can actively help support talent at this time is to be commended. I do agree with you that traditional and theoretical approaches are now outdated. It should be focused on bringing people together from different backgrounds and disciplines and learning together”

· “ Many companies like leaders to have MBAs which I understand but surely it is about the culture of learning that you are advocating?”

· “The leadership concept that most grew up with is simply outdated for the modern environment. I love this idea of bringing people together to learn from others”

· “I have long liked the work EP has done in trying to bring lessons from sport into business. Nearly all those that attended your conference last year were left talking about the sports players said, not the business experts.”

· “I like the idea of a forum for young talent in which they can be supported and helped to develop their own careers but, I do still believe fervently that it’s some of the current senior leaders that require more coaching and encouragement to change at the same time.”

We would love to hear your thoughts so please do get in touch.