A look back at 2018 – July, August, September

As we look back at 2018 it was a year with great highs but also some tough times. One of the hottest summers on records but also the Beast from the East and a number of snow days.
EP looks back at the year.

July to September 2018

The World Cup began and the below possibly became the tweet of the summer:


The campaign for putting food at the heart of culture was building momentum and in the summer the below video was created to showcase the progress and message.

There is a unique opportunity in time for the food service sector to make its case at the Board Room table. Chief Executives are concerned about productivity and culture and food service can play an active role in creating Food & Beverage venues that really engage audiences. There is a desire to work together to and tell this story and message. This is about taking the message to C-Suite clients to showcase how food service can impact positively on productivity, culture, customers, venues profitability, and employee, child, student, patient welfare.

This is about creating an open and strong message so that the sector can argue for more investment, better margins and a better level of discussion at the board table:

Is your team striving for gold?

Olympian Kate Haywood joined EP

Being an athlete isn’t just about turning up to ‘train’. A lot of thinking, planning, goal setting and preparation also goes in to it. Part of being a professional athlete meant my life was very much planned out. Every day, of every week, of every month throughout the entire year would be planned so that I could perform and achieve the best results. An essential part of this planning would include goal setting. When I say that I don’t just mean the ultimate goal of becoming an Olympian. There would be millions of small goals and visions around training, conditioning, eating, social life which would culminate ultimately in peak performance.

Best photo of the world cup?

The Great Service Debate

Is it too much to hope that the UK hospitality industry could reach consensus on a definition of great service, and better still, consistently implement this to become the indisputable global leader?

EP and Giles Gordon-Smith, Founder of Penshee collaborated to bring together players from across the hospitality sector for a unique event series; The Great Service Debate.

Over a roundtable breakfast discussion, the room discussed and debated two core questions: ‘What is great service?’ and ‘How do we achieve this across our industry?’ Five further events will be held throughout 2018 with a full report of the findings published in quarter four.

Summaries of the sessions in the middle of the year:

“Hospitality is about being a chameleon”

The power of art in all forms

"Music makes the people come together" A famous lyric from the song ‘Music’ by Madonna but also a resounding truth. There is a chemical and emotion link between music and people. Our brains are wired to process and understand music and by listening and experiencing it makes us feel good.

Can the right food offer increase employee wellbeing, productivity, mental and physical health and even trust?

In the face of Brexit apetito are confident they can support businesses by saving cost, time and effort but the underlying truth is that it supports the wellbeing of people – and in today’s world, perhaps nothing matters more.

The Chef Patron Putting Food First

EP presents Food First – a new food service business led by Founder and Chef Patron Mark McCann. A Gold Medalist at the Culinary Olympics, Mark’s business puts food and service at the forefront for both work and play. Mark has been Group Executive Chef for various catering companies, retail restaurants and hotels. Working around the world Mark has vast experience in different cuisines and creates authentic food offers.

Brits reacted to the hot weather

Travel trends

ONS released 2017 travel trends during the summer: annual estimates of travel and tourism visits to the UK and associated earnings and expenditure between the UK and the rest of the world.

  • There was a record number of visits to the UK in 2017 and a record number of visits abroad by UK residents.
  • Overseas residents spent £24.5 billion on visits to the UK in 2017, an increase of 9% compared with 2016.

James Pike of Green & Fortune is winner of ACE Robyns Award 2018

The Association of Catering Excellence (ACE) announced the winner of the 2018 ACE Robyns Award, which is sponsored by Troika, at its annual summer party held on board Sodexo’s Bateaux London on Wednesday 18th July. James Pike, Green & Fortune’s General Manager at Sea Containers House was declared the overall winner in front of over 200 hospitality guests.

“Paraguay is named after the pair of guys that first settled there.”

“Po – land”
“Not a country but isn’t Twatt in Scotland named after Nigel Farage?”
“Mauritius – for Prince Maurice van Nassau”

Emerging Leaders Network

We possess a real belief that there is a need for a new approach to support the development of emerging talent and to give a voice to young talent that is beginning to break through. Many of the more traditional structures and processes are not quite working and the desire from many is for a club that is global, informal and offers learning from new sources and other industries…

Be part of a club that shapes and creates

The Emerging Leaders Club (ELC) aims to bring together emerging talent from the worlds of business and sport – a true marriage of the two. The ELC will give emerging leaders access to both industry and business experts plus a range of over 25 international sporting and Olympic professionals in a unique way which is relaxed, social and informative.

The purpose of the club is to learn from inspiring sports personalities and industries experts from across the board, to share behaviours and thinking for the benefit of all. 

It is about giving emerging talent a voice and safe place to network, grow their communities and express themselves…and it is open to anyone who wants to learn and share.

Is this for you?

City Pantry – Transforming workplace food

A brand new video from City Pantry’s on how they are transforming the food service sector and how food can enable a great work culture. Hear from Stuart Sunderland (Founder CEO) and Kate Miller (Chief Commercial Officer) on the origins of City Pantry and where the future is heading.

Drink to avoid dementia

Not drinking alcohol in middle age increases dementia risk, says report.
Published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) the data showed abstinence in midlife was associated with a 45% higher risk of dementia compared with people who consumed between one and 14 units of alcohol per week.
With people who drank more than 14 units a week the dementia risk increased by 17% with every additional seven units per week.

From Sky News

Celebrating the season with Food Show

Food Show Hula Party

Towards the end of July Food Show held their annual Summer Bash. A fixed celebration in the calendar for one of London’s leading event caterers, the party included delicious food, bespoke cocktails and a whirlwind of entertainment. 

Pan-Industry Alliances To Solve Modern Day Issues

In the summer we announced a number of alliances for the Food at the Heart of Culture, #FuellingProductivity campaign.

The aim of these global alliances is to provide knowledge share, tangible solutions and to place food service first. The campaign is targeted at C-Suite/Boards of organisations, commercial venues and stadia, schools and universities that will showcase how the Food Service sector can have significant financial and productivity impacts.

Alliances included:

Mad World – Europe’s only event that puts mental health at the heart of the business agenda.

FUTR – With the retail and marketing landscape evolving at such a fast pace, FUTR Group (formerly Millennial 20/20) was set up in 2015 to connect brands and retailers with the solutions and technologies that they need for today and tomorrow.

Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance – MFHA is an educational non-profit in America that helps its members build Cultural Intelligence by delivering products and solutions that raise the top-line, improve the bottom-line and build culturally authentic brand value.

UK Hospitality – Formed from the merger of the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR) and the British Hospitality Association (BHA) in April 2018, UK Hospitality represents more than 700 companies in hospitality.

The decline of basic courtesy in a social media is affecting all behaviours

It has become increasingly obvious that social media has assisted in an alarming decline in basic social politeness with people saying online what they would never, you hope, say to someone’s face.

"Something I can't quite describe in words"

There are many ideas behind what abstract art is. Some argue its 'art for art's sake', others liken it to music where the effects are created by pure patterns of form, colour and line. Art is subjective and should provoke emotion. For the hospitality industry it provides the ability to tell stories and to bring communities together.

Martin Wheeler, a young artist out of Cheltenham, has looked to develop his own brand of Abstraction. By combing Abstract Expressionism with negative spaces in architecture, he creates subtle and powerful images:

A fellowship developed from distinct backgrounds

This year Restaurant Associates has built on its rich culinary heritage by going back to the core importance – food and people. At the forefront are Alice Woodwark, Managing Director and David Simms, Culinary Director. With an ensemble of skills and experiences at their fingertips, the duo hold clear perspective on where they want the business to be and a robust spirit to get there.

Bringing together talent from all industries for knowledge share and connectivity

Empowering. Culture. Friendship. Trust. Care. Compassion. A focus on people.

The EP Emerging Leaders Network brings together emerging talent from across the globe and from within the worlds of business, industry and sport – for the purpose of knowledge share, mentoring and coaching, growth, shared value and connectivity. It is also about giving emerging talent a voice and safe place to network, grow their communities and express themselves…and it is open to anyone who wants to learn and share.

Featuring in this video:

  • Wynand Olivier – rugby union, Worcester Warriors
  • Mitch Brundle – footballer, Dover Athletic
  • Matt Rice – PGA golf professional
  • Nick Tompkins – rugby union, Saracens

” Why on earth would Russell Crowe need to use LinkedIn”

“Could you imagine the endorsements:
Gladiatoral combat
Killing Commodus”

“Russell Crowe is on LinkedIn?
If his profile does not include the following job titles, it will be disappointing:
Commander of the Armies of the North
General of the Felix Legions
Loyal servant to the true emperor…”

From playing squash to career ending injury, Gareth Morgans is not your usual Senior Commercial Director

He is young but has lived a full life. He excelled at sports, became a top squash player, faced uncertainty after a cliff fall, built a company from zero to £3m turnover in year one and is now an integral part of the ISS Leadership team. EP met with Gareth to discover his story of determination, purpose and ultimate will to succeed.

Levy Leisure – The design journey of the food and drink experience

Rak Kalidas, Strategic Director at Levy Leisure on the innovative food and drink experiences on offer at some of the UK’s most renowned cultural, historical and visitor attractions.

Skripal case Russians just wanted to see Salisbury Cathedral and “its famous clock”

The hospitality industry has the power to achieve great things

He is young but has lived a full life. He excelled at sports, became a top squash player, faced uncertainty after a cliff fall, built a company from zero to £3m turnover in year one and is now an integral part of the ISS Leadership team. EP met with Gareth to discover his story of determination, purpose and ultimate will to succeed.

Presenting Amadeus Glorious Magazine Issue 6

21st Century Icon Awards – Celebrate Next Generation

EP sporting stars named 21st Century Icon’s at awards ceremony in London

Three sporting stars in EP’s Emerging Leaders Club have been named 21st Century Icons in recognition of their success in the sporting world. South African rugby player Brad Barritt, England 7s and Commonwealth Games Medallist Deborah Fleming (above) and Olympic Gold Medallist Crista Cullen were all honoured at the awards which celebrate successes of the next generation.