A look back at 2018 – January, February, March

As we look back at 2018 it was a year with great highs but also some tough times. One of the hottest summers on records but also the Beast from the East and a number of snow days.
EP looks back at the year.

January to April 2018

January 2018

In January EP asked the question – How can we drive a more prosperous and meaningful future for all? As the fourth biggest employee there is so much the hospitality industry does for people. Some great examples over the festive season included:

  • Rosewood London campaigned for Great Ormond Street with Mini Wishes which included Farther Christmas travelling around London in a red Mini convertible giving out Christmas wishes.
  • Beyond Food, situated at Brigade, delivers professional training programmes for adults who have experienced, or are at risk of, homelessness.
  • The Sustainable Restaurant Association are launching a social action platform with The Breakfast Club to maximise the impact of the connections between kitchens and communities.

New Year issues:

“I am now a healthy person”

Rise of New India. A Hub for Global Tourism

EP wrote about how it was really is a potential moment in time – and a moment when a new hotel sector in India will emerge. Growth Market economies, otherwise known as developing nations, are emerging as the key drivers of the world economy in this decade. Eco Hotels is the world's first carbon neutral hotel brand of it's kind.

Leadership Development… Throw away the textbooks and focus on developing better people

At the beginning of the year we saw record numbers of boards ask: “Where are the next generation of leaders and why are they not breaking through?” At EP we have debated some of the causes One of the most common answers is that many professionals seem to do exactly as they are instructed. Intertwined with an increased fear of failure and far less questioning and expression.

Corporate workplace dining has to change

Gaye Bullard, FIH, market development director, Corporate Services, Sodexo UK & Ireland wrote: "The role of the foodservice provider is changing. We are seeing employee engagement as a key focus for many organisations and a crucial element to achieving high engagement scores is through creating a workplace which inspires, engages and ultimately improves productivity."

Under The African Skies – Autumn 2018

We were delighted to announce a Black Tie Gala Dinner to support the work of Crista Cullen MBE on Elephant Conservation. Watch Crista’s powerful video entitled ‘Guardians with Crista Cullen below:

Talent is the Future

Jay Burgesson, Commercial Director at Food Show argued that so much is talked about the importance of emerging leaders and the need to support their development. "I am fortunate enough to have had a strong leadership and development network comprising of an industry mentor but sometimes it’s not an easy journey."

AI and technology will change careers. Are we even half ready?

A report from McKinsey’s  outlined how careers are going to change over the next decade:

  • 6 out of 10 occupations will have 30% of their activities managed via technology
  • By 2030 the global workforce of 2.66 billion people will include 8-9% in new occupations
  • 30% of work hours will be automated by 2030
  • Estimated that between 400m and 800m individuals could be displaced by automation and need to find new jobs by 2030 
  • However, people will need to find their way into these jobs. Of the total displaced, 75m to 375m may need to switch occupational categories and learn new skills
  • By 2030 there will be at least 300m more people aged 65 years and older than there were in 2014. As people age, their spending patterns shift, with a pronounced increase in spending on healthcare and other personal services.
  • Globally, it is estimated that healthcare and related jobs from aging could grow by 50 million to 85 million by 2030.

It was becoming clear that people need further support today. We believe that all businesses are constantly on the look out for great talent (even when there are no formal job vacancies). We also believe that many businesses are open to thinking differently about talent – about embracing individuals who may not strictly tick all the traditional boxes but who bring a different way of thinking. We believe that great people and great businesses need to find each other – and we want to help. 

The manboy who never grew up?

“Like most little boys, Donald Trump can be disarmingly honest, as when he once said, "When I look at myself in the first grade and I look at myself now, I'm basically the same. The temperament is not that different." The trouble is that the first grader is now President of the United States, and his temperament is on display for the world to see. Unpredictable, impulsive and immature, Trump acts in a way that would be expected of a 6-year-old boy, but is terrifying in a man whose moods dictate decisions carried out by adults on behalf of the most powerful nation in the world."

The Great Service Debate

Is it too much to hope that the UK hospitality industry could reach consensus on a definition of great service, and better still, consistently implement this to become the indisputable global leader?

EP and Giles Gordon-Smith, Founder of Penshee collaborated to bring together players from across the hospitality sector for a unique event series; The Great Service Debate.

Over a roundtable breakfast discussion, the room discussed and debated two core questions: ‘What is great service?’ and ‘How do we achieve this across our industry?’ Five further events will be held throughout 2018 with a full report of the findings published in quarter four.


EP was proud to present a new website which will take over from the magazine 'Insights & Action'. The exciting new platform was designed and created to reflect the essential need of hospitality knowledge in the market and industry and to take this on a more global scale.

February 2018

ISS announced their new strategic vision is be one of true premier leading players in the Food Service Sector

ISS are today announcing their new strategic vision is to be one of true premier leading players in the Food Service Sector. By combining all current catering operations to create a new operating platform named ISS Food Services – with an annual turnover of £250m – ISS suddenly become the major force in catering that they have always threatened to be.

More than money, connected by something greater than the rugby ball

On 8th February EP hosted the first in a series of Leadership Talks in central London. The main speaker for the first was international rugby player Schalk Brits who gave a fascinating insight into leadership and culture - of both his Premiership club Saracens and native international team the Springboks.

“This experience basically changed and saved my life beyond all recognition”

At this moment in time more than 9,000 people are sleeping on the streets of Britain at any given time. A 134 per cent rise since 2010. A staggering number in one of the world’s richest countries.

However there are people and businesses who are looking towards the lives and futures of those threatened by homelessness and they are trying to make a meaningful impact. These companies are fine examples of ‘Social Good’ and EP is delighted to profile their activities. Not only as a way to recognise but to also make others aware that they can think and act differently and make their own impact – no matter how big or small.

Recently EP visited Beyond Food and Brigade – a social enterprise restaurant playing a vital role.

Full story here.

Think Tank Launch – The Importance of Culture This is the heading

EP was delighted to host a special Think Tank session at Hotelympia this week. The focus of the session was on the need to improve productivity, trust within business and the development of talent. The argument presented was that there is a genuine opportunity for change if companies both understand the need for change and start to think differently about both their customers and their own teams/cultures. Those present included severn CEOs/MDs, three leading entrepreneurs, key influencers and two former sporting figures.

EP Social Good – Hospitality can bring people together

EP presented the fist of many videos this year with the following.

In an age of high stress and loneliness, you don’t have to alone… We live in an ever more connected world, but there is an increasing silo mentality. We believe that the Hospitality industry has the power to bring people together. For businesses to be at the heart of community and society. There is a need for new leaders, one’s that embrace and care for society. We can all rise to the challenge and choose to be those leaders. This is more important today than ever before because it builds loyalty, true and new business. Our challenge now is to raise the bar and to lead where others have fallen away. Come and be involved.

Good Coffee Doing Good

Towards the end of last year Change Please spoke at EP's Hospitality Insights Conference and provided a great insights into how the social enterprise is helping those who are homeless. The company was only created two years ago but is making great strides in reducing homelessness across the UK. The company has grown from one mobile coffee cart in Covent Garden to eight carts scattered across the capital city. A further seven have permanent locations. Those who shop in Sainbury's may have also spotted their premium, specialty-graded coffee for sale.

One of the headlines of the year?

Hit the Chevy with a Levy, Tax your Whisky and Rye.

March 2018

EP hosted a Think Tank in mid-March 2018 on the leading dynamics taking place within the Food Service sector and there were a number of thought provoking conclusions reached:

  • For a dialogue with UKHospitality and how it can represent the sector’s issues and voice.
  • To set up a separate board that will work to create new answers and representation for the sector by the sector.

It was agreed that the sector does need a stronger comms plan/approach to make a more joined up promotion of what is excellent about the sector. This and the previous Think Tank session at Hotelympia was the founding ideas for the Fuelling Productivity campaign.

The Much Needed Champions of Culture, Retention and Trust

At the end of March EP hosted – alongside Sanlam UK – an event with four Olympians: Crista Cullen (GB Hockey – Gold 2016 and Bronze 2012), Phil Burgess (Rugby Sevens – Silver 2016), Matt Brittain (South Africa Rowing – Gold 2012) and Kate Haywood (Swimming 2008 and 2012). They all spoke with passion and honesty to an audience of 60 senior business executives for over an hour and kept the audience fully engaged.

The Top 10: More Moose Allain Jokes

  1. Imagine being at the baggage carousel and slowly realising you’ve got the shoddiest luggage there. That’s the worst case scenario.  
  2. I’ve never been a cannibal before, but I thought I’d try my hand.
  3. My ventriloquist dummy knows how to keep his mouth shut, I’ll say that for him.  
  4. “You’re rubbish at acting and we’re not going to support you.” Negative Equity. 
  5. Welcome to Feng Shui Club, and I’m very happy to accept the position of the chair.
  6. Waterman, Waterman. Does whatever a watering can.
  7. Identifying the fourth German sausage: that’s my worst fear. 
  8. If you want to learn how to drive a steamroller you need to take evening classes.

9. “I’d love to hear a musical arrangement of a blackbird’s song.” “Orchestral?” “No, just a blackbird.”

10. Every four frogs there’s a leap frog. 

More here.

Consultant turns up the noise for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

Julian Fris, director at Neller Davies, has launched Que Diablos - a Boogie Woogie and Blues album aiming to raise much-needed funds for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. “I woke up the other day to the realisation that I have been playing piano for over 50 years, and it dawned on me what an important part of my life it has been." The album’s website can be accessed here: www.que-diablos.com